summer COLLECTION 2022


Judy was a true pleasure to work with and created a beautiful, custom pouf for my newborn’s room!


These are the best reusable towels! I had and used out another set and I already love the attention to detail and the care taken to make these! I know they will last longer and just be so cute in my kitchen too. The seller is wonderful to work with and kept me up to date all the time. Thank you thank you! These are perfect!!


Converting to beeswax cloth wraps was the best purchases of 2017 - I no longer use plastic wrap nor even think to - its easy to clean and guilt free


Thank you! I really like that these bags are coated on both sides it makes it so much easier for cleaning and they last longer. I use these everyday for my work lunches!


This soap is fantastic - will be back for more


Added some essential oils to these dryer balls and our laundry smells wonderful!


This was a special order, for my grandson Grant's 3rd birthday. From the beginning to end, Judy made this a very special purchase. Grandpa was a tad bit late when he found this item online, needing an expedited shipment to make the birthday party date. Judy solicited the size particulars to tailor the fit, made it 'lickity-split' and then shipped it FedEx so all was a smashing success. Now 'Batman Grant' takes on his older brother 'Superman Braye' and all is hilarious and in great fun. Thank you Judy for this awesome hand made product that will undoubtedly keep on giving my grandson's so much fun